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What happens, if you don't get it right?
...there's nothin' so lonesome, so dull or so drear than to stand in the bar of a pub with no beer...
Article: Beergame in teaching
In this conference paper I report on ways of using the beergame in teaching B2B e-Commerce.
Klagenfurt Beergame design
Table version of the beergame, developed to be administered in large class contexts.
Original beergame boardgame @ MIT
In this article the setup and application of the original MIT beergame board version is discussed.
Web version of the beergame
This game version is freely usable, but not suited for class room use.
MIT software version
This software version is a Java application that allows playing the beergame online; it is not usable in a class room context. Also, its visual appearance seems outdated.
Guide to playing the MIT beergame version
Guide to playing the online version of the original software beergame.
The Pros and Cons of Franchise Ownership
Provides a reasoning for engaging in franchising, which has emerged as an important form of supply chain.

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